ICML2024 Poster Order

from  42,00 incl. 20% VAT

XEST offers poster printing services for ICML2024 in Vienna. Conveniently order online and pick-up @ ICML (desk with big sign “POSTER PICK UP”)

Monday – Thursday 10am –  3pm
Friday + Saturday (Workshop) 8am – 2pm

Please keep within the official ICML available sizes that we are capable to print. Poster size info:

### Main Conference ###
(✓)   36in (H) x 48in (W)
(✓)   36in (H) x 60in (W)
(X)   36in (H) x 72in (W) – we do not offer this width.

### Workshop ###
(✓)   36in (H) x 24in (W) <— (!!!) PORTRAIT FORMAT

ECO Poster (120gsm matte paper), recommend for posters with basic text & charts. best option if you dispose after the event.
ECO poster stands for green, – CO2 neutral & FSC  paper, – Inks with no solvents or heavy metals, – Waste info: Recycling OK!
60€ incl. 20% VAT

High Quality Matte (160gsm silk matte coated poly)
recommend for professional posters with images & fine details. …if you want to reuse or keep the poster.
72€ incl. 20% VAT

FAQ: Yes, a poster box (for further transportation) is included! ECO: Yes, you can also leave the empty box at our desk for reuse!
FAQ2: Can my poster be larger/smaller? Please try to keep the mentioned size. Print up to 160cm is included.
FAQ3: No worries, we are NOT an automated service. Your file will be checked manually by our team & we will contact you if there any issues.
FAQ4: Where do I get the sticker/tape? Hanging materials will be supplied by the event organizer. Please only use their provided materials. We do not provide any.
Tip: You can find a generic print guide here (basic infos)
Official ICML Info Link: https://icml.cc/Conferences/2024/PosterInstructions

If you order multiple posters: Please place orders separately. Thank you!

For any print related questions please contact: info@xest.at
we reply fast to emails!…or call us: +43-1-33 275 88

Deadline for next day is 11am.

Please leave us any print related notes or comments in the next step of the checkout!


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    Attention…special message for workshop posters. Please make sure that your poster is PORTRAIT format!!!